The Essential Arithmetricks: Book review

The Essential Arithmetricks review, murderous maths review

murdererous mathsThe Essential Arithmetricks (Murderous Maths)

Now, how serious do you like your maths?
‘Not very much!’
OK then the Murderous Maths series might be right up your street.
I have taken my favourite of the series: The Essential Arithmetricks featuring Pongo McWhiffy amongst many others, who guide you through the complexities of arithmetic – including awful addition, sickly subtraction, terrible tables, maddening multiplication and diabolical division. Yes, they do like their alliteration. It also includes all the signs you will need to use and pages on place value, estimation and manipulating equations.
Almost mad, but in fact there are plenty of really useful tips on how to improve mental arithmetic, all set out in a fun way with amusing characters and illustrations. Your children will either love it or hate it!

Written by Kjartan Poskitt.

9 out of 10
Maths content
7 out of 10
Value for money
7 out of 10

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