Maths worksheets: Count in steps of one. Y2

Maths worksheets: Count in steps of one.

countingHere we have some practice at filling in number lines using two digit numbers. Some of the numbers have already been written in. Notice that the number line has the lowest number at the bottom – and the numbers are completed in ascending order. It is interesting to watch how children do this; most will fill in from a number already there and prefer to count up rather than count down.
A superb practical experience is to play snakes and ladders which has all the ingredients of counting on and going back down the snakes. Large floor game boards are great! Make sure you count out loud when it is your go. Other dice board games are also excellent as counting practice.

2201-03 Count in steps of 1 (pg 3)

2201-04 Count in steps of 1 (pg 4)

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