Mathszone: web review

Mathszone web reviewMathszone.

A commendable idea: to collect a variety of free games and activities from different sites which can be used for teaching maths in school or at home. Organised into 9 categories:
Use and apply maths
Count and understand
Number facts, add and subtract
Number facts, multiply and divide
Calculating, add and subtract
Calculating, multiply and divide
Handling data.

Or for those who prefer, activities are organised by the Key Objectives of the Numeracy Strategy.

Many games from a variety of sources are included, including games from Ambleside school, Gareth’s Primary Resources, Crick software etc.
Unfortunately, because it essentially a link to other sites the games come in all kinds of format, some are Flash, some Shockwave, some Java. Some have explanations on how to play, some don’t. Some have rewards, some seem to play for ever, repeating endlessly. Also I imagine that this might be a nightmare to keep up to date as the original sites change and links change.
If you are looking for a game on a particular aspect of maths it is probably worthwhile having a quick look at this but it could prove to be ultimately disappointing. However, on the good side, it does take you to a variety of maths websites which are worth looking at.

6 out of 10Interest

5 out of 10Ease of use

6 out of 10Maths content

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