Timez Attack: web review

Timez Attack: web review

TimezattackTimez Attack

Are you spending tedious hours trying to get your children to learn their tables? Would you like to get your children pleading to learn their tables? Well if the Timez Attack blurb is true to its word your kids will love this. Coming from the Big Brainz site, they obviously like their zzzzs!

The Timez Attack base version is a free download of about 43 MB consisting of a high-tech and entertaining video game aimed at improving tables. Graphics are excellent, on a par with many video games. Your children will probably find their way around far better than you as they explore the dungeon and overcome monsters, at first to master their two times table.

The thinking behind this is that children have to be 100% accurate in their answers before they can move on – there is no room for error in the final test! Certainly I can see how it would improve tables learning and would recommend it for any child who likes gaming but does not know their tables.

One slight criticism – if a number is keyed in incorrectly it is impossible to change it. If this is done at the final challenge it will mean going back and repeating a section again. Nothing much wrong with this apart from it does not permit corrections.

Overall, excellent. There is a full version which can be downloaded for $39.99. The only difference between this and the free version is that there are a selection of extra cool environments such as the Machine World to play the game in. Start with the free stuff and make your own mind up.

8 out of 10Interest

8 out of 10Ease of use

8 out of 10Maths content

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  1. Today I went on to the 12 times table and it really heepld me learning. Now I know what the 12 times table is. Also it is the best game ever for maths and I love the new game called basketball.But it is quite hard to get the ball into the net. And when are you making anouther game because I can’t wait for the game please do it soon From Tyler Kaye

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