Topmarks Education: web review

Topmarks Education: web review

Topmarks Education has had a presence on the web for over 9 years, being launched in September 1998 by Chris and Sue Spolton.
It has three main aims:
1. To provide easy access to the best educational websites
2. To help teachers use the web in the classroom
3. To support parents who want to help their children.
Going right through from the earliest years to Higher Education it is a huge bank of links to other sites which provide free resources. Not just maths but just about every subject you could think of.
It is well organised into subject areas on the Home Page. Choose your subject (Maths obviously!) and there is a dropdown menu for choosing the appropriate age range. With over 70 sites to look at just for maths it is certainly a site you would want to bookmark and come back to.

8 out of 10Interest

7 out of 10Ease of use

7 out of 10Maths content

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