Learning tables: 7 times table

Another of the harder tables, this time the 7 times table. Many people think this is the hardest of all as there is very little pattern to it and the answers cannot easily be worked out from knowledge of other tables.
Once again there is nothing especially ‘catchy’ to remember about this table, it is pretty much just hard work. It should not be learned until the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables have been learned. If this has been achieved, then over half the 7 times table has already been mastered!

The whole idea of tables is that they are learned, off by heart. To do this it is essential to say them out loud:

One times seven is seven
two times seven is fourteen
three times seven is twenty one
four times seven is twenty eight
five times seven is thirty five
six times seven is forty two
seven times seven is forty nine
eight times seven is fifty six
nine times seven is sixty three
ten times seven is seventy

Below are two worksheets for the seven times table. A good way to do these is to time them to see how long your child takes.
When you get really good with a table you should be able to say it in under ten seconds (missing out unnecessary words ie one seven, seven; two sevens, fourteen…etc).

7x table 1 (p 1 and 2)

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