Learning tables: 9 times table

Learning the 9x table with mathsblog.co.uk

The 9 times table does have a number of interesting patterns, not least of which is that the digits of each answer also add up to 9. This is an excellent way of checking that a number is divisible by 9.
Once again we are really only interested in the really fast recall that comes with memorising the table.

The whole idea of tables is that they are learnt, off by heart. To do this it is essential to say them out loud:

One times nine is nine
two times nine is eighteen
three times nine is twenty seven
four times nine is thirty six
five times nine is forty five
six times nine is fifty four
seven times nine is sixty three
eight times nine is seventy two
nine times nine is eighty one
ten times nine is ninety

Later these can be shortened to say, for example, “ seven nines are fifty six”.
Below are two worksheets for the nine times table. A good way to do these is to time them to see how long your child takes.

9x table

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