News: Home schooling

I know that quite a few of the users of the site are home educators so the latest news from the government will interest them. Children’s Minister, Baroness Delyth Morgan, has announced that local authorities need to ensure that those children who do not attend school are taught properly at home.
“Parents are able, quite rightly, to choose whether they want to educate children at home, and a very small number do. I’m sure, the vast majority do a good job,” said Baroness Morgan.
“However, there are concerns that some children are not receiving the education they need. And in some extreme cases, home education could be used as a cover for abuse.”
Surprisingly there is no official figure for the number of children who are taught at home, but estimates suggest around 50 000. There are many reasons for children not attending school, ranging from potential bullying, religion or just a feeling that children can be much better educated at home. In today’s society there are plenty of easily available resources, making it much easier to educate at home and to provide a rich learning environment and I wish all home educators the very best.

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