Maths worksheet: dividing by 1 and 10

Division is one of the big problem areas in maths, partly because success relies on a good knowledge and understanding of basic number.

There are two important ideas about division on this maths worksheet. Firstly, when a number is divided by 1 it stays the same. Fairly obvious to us, but for young children they need to understand division in two ways:

a. understand division as grouping or repeated subtraction. For example: 20 divided by four can be thought of as ‘how many 4s make 20?

8 divided by 1 can be thought of as ‘how many 1s make 8?’

b. understand division as sharing. For example: share 20 sweets between 4 people.

8 divided by 1 can be thought of as sharing 8 between one person ie they get it all!

The second part of this worksheet looks at dividing by 10. Now it has been stressed before that when multiplying by ten we must not say ‘just add a nought’. In the same way when dividing by ten don’t say ‘take away the nought’ because later there will not be any noughts in the questions!

Divide by 1 and 10

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