Year 2 maths worksheet: fractions, halves

y2-fractions-2This is the second in our mini-series of fractions worksheets suitable for year 2 children, aged 5/6. The first looked at taking half of an object, in other words dividing one thing into two equal parts. This worksheet looks at a different idea of a half, that is, taking half of a number of objects. Children of this age should be beginning to know, off by heart, their doubles and halves of small numbers, and this type of work will help them.
One way to do this is to pair off the objects, one at a time. Maybe make a small mark on them, although practical work is still the best way to do this. Another way is to count all the objects and then work out what half would be. With a small number of objects it is much easier to see instantly what half is. Again, it is important to show that there is more than one to show the answer. A good mini investigation would be to show the same 6 buttons several times and ask for different ways to ring half of them.

Fractions: finding one half

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