Resource of the Week: Year 6 maths booster pages.

Resource of the Week: Year 6 booster pages.

y6-booster-symmetryIt’s the start of a new term for most children, and in year 6 many will already be practising various SAT test papers. We have a good range of pages to help with this.

An old favourite with the SATs question writers is reflective symmetry. During the test children are given tracing paper or a small mirror. If using the mirror they need to line it up along the dotted line and draw the reflection. If the shape is drawn on squared paper it can be easier to draw it by hand taking each square in turn.

Being able to read information from a calendar may seem pretty straightforward to us, but many children do not come across these in their everyday life and hence have problems working out how to extract the information.

The questions here are aimed at boosting a level 3 towards a level 4. For those children aiming at a Level 5 care must be taken to read the tables and charts accurately as they are a good way to pick up easy marks.

Why not take a look at our booster pages now?

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  1. Hi. The school would be given full details of what equipment (eg calculator, mirror etc) is allowed for each paper, which would vary from year to year, depending on the questions being asked. If a mirror or tracing paper is on the list for a symmetry question then children without one or the other would be at a disadvantage.

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