Coming soon: Rounding, doubling and multiplication

Rounding larger numbers can be tricky to understand as you get different results depending on what you round to.

Next week’s page look at how to round to the nearest 10 000, probably best suited to Year 6 children with a good understanding of larger numbers. In this case the two crucial digits to look at are the ten thousand and the thousands digits.

It’s always a good idea to think about how we work out answers in our heads and our page on doubling multiples of 5 is a good example of this.
Try to get children to explain how they do these doubling and halving questions.
This page can be found in the year 4 worksheets section.

By year 4 it is expected that children have a pretty good knowledge of their tables, but, of course, they also need to know when multiplication is the correct option. This depends on having a good understanding of the vocabulary involved. Next week we have a worksheet which uses a  variety of different terms to multiply, including ‘lots of’ and ‘times’.

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