Coming soon: rounding, counting investigation and word problems

Next week we will have another page suitable for Year 5 children on rounding.When rounding to the nearest thousand the key digit is the hundreds digit. If it is 5 or more round up to the next whole thousand. If it is less than 5 then take away the hundreds tens and units and leave the number ’rounded down’.

We will also have a nice year 1 mini investigation using coins for children who are just becoming familiar with coins and counting. A yoyo costs 8p, but how many different ways are there of paying using 1p, 2p and 5p coins.  It is a good idea to have a selection of these coins handy so that they can count out and record the different combinations. A separate page is available for recording either by drawing or writing the amounts down. An important aspect of this type of work is to check that the same result has not been recorded twice.

Even in Year 6 children often find word problems very tricky, partly because they are unsure of what calculations to carry out to reach the solution. This page has a small number of word problems, but it asks for the working out to be shown and what calculation needs doing eg addition.

The first two questions require only a single step to reach the answer, but the second two need two steps, which makes them much harder.

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