Multiply a decimal by a single digit (2)

Here we have two more pages of practice at multiplying a decimal by a single digit. The first six questions on each page are straightforward enough but the later questions may prove to be trickier.

For example: 8 x ? = 3.2 could appear to be quite difficult to work out. Because 3.2 is a smaller than 8 the missing number must be less than 1. if tables are known then 8 x 4 = 32 is known and it should be easy to then work out that 8 x 0. 4 = 3.2.

These two worksheets can be found in our Year 6 Knowing Number facts section, along with more pages on multiplying, doubling and halving.

More_multiplying_decimals  (2)

More_multiplying_decimals  (3)

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