KS2 SAT revision: Shape (3)

Another in our set of KS2 SAT revision worksheets on shape. This page looks at the understanding of co-ordinates and shape. The first question is straightforward and has three points on the grid to write the co-ordinates for. Now many children come across an easy question like this and instantly forget which number should come first. They need a simple memory nudge to remind them such as, ‘along the corridor and up the stairs’, although there are many others as well. In this case the brackets and comma are provided, but this might not always be the case and children are expected to use these correctly.

The second question is testing whether children understand what an isosceles triangle is. The grid is provided, but this can sometimes cause confusion. Once again, go for the most obvious way of doing this.

Whilst these questions will not teach the concepts they do act as a quick test as to whether or not more time needs to be spent on shape.

This, an other similar pages can be found in our Key Stage 2 Maths SAT Questions category.

KS 2 Maths SAT questions_Shape (3)

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