Year 6 maths worksheet: adding fractions

My first addition of fractions page was very popular and I have had  several requests for more, as it does take some time and re-inforcement to get the hang of this concept. I believe that adding fractions is one of the hardest topics for children to understand, mainly because it involves so many steps.

Remember, to add two fractions the denominator has to be the same: this requires a good understand of equivalent fractions, so make sure that this is fully understood before attempting addition. Once this has been done the addition is easy, as the denominator stays the same and just the top numbers (numerators) are added.

This will result in a vulgar fraction eg 14/10 which needs to be converted to a mixed number.

As there are ten tenths in one whole one this makes 1 and 4/10.

Finaly the fraction can be simplified: 4/10 is the same as 2/5 so the final answer will be 1 and 2/5.

This page can be found in our Year 6, Calculating category.

Adding fractions that total more than 1 (pg 2)

2 thoughts on “Year 6 maths worksheet: adding fractions”

  1. Your worksheets are very clear and accessible! well done. Fractions are the single most difficult topic in the primary classes is my opinion! It makes or brakes students!

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