Reading, writing and ordering numbers at level 1

To attain maths level 1 children need to be able to recognise the number names up to 20, say them clearly and write them. They will be counting forwards and backwards up to 20, starting at any whole number.

To enable this to happen the numerals need to be displayed clearly on a wall so that they can be frequently referred to. Every opportunity needs to be given to count on and back in practical situations, around the home, in the kitchen, at the supermarket, in the car etc. There are lots of games which involve counting and using dice. Number lines and number tracks are really useful; pointing at each number before it is said whilst counting up and down. Eventually the number track can be visualised in a child’s head, helping with fast mental arithmetic.

To herlp with all of this, I have a good selection of worksheets for counting in:


Year 1

and Year 2 which will help with this process.

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