6 times table space challenge

Children need as many opportunities as possible to practise their knowledge of tables and teachers are always on the lookout for something slightly different to maintain interest. Hopefully this page will be useful as it is a bright and fun way to show how well the 6 times table is known and it could also be used as a timed challenge.

Beginning at the start move to the first box and write the number 6 times that shown on the left hand side, then move on to the next box and so on. There are 20 questions altogether; some children may become ‘stuck’ on a question, encourage them to move on and then return to it at the end. If they are stuck remind them, for example, that if they cannot remember 6 x 6 it is only six more than 5 x 6 which they should be able to remember.

This page can be found in our Maths worksheets, Four Rules, multiplication section and hopefully I will be adding similar pages for other times tables before long.

6x tables space challenge

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