Year 3 maths worksheet: 4x table

This is a useful page for children who are beginning to get to grips with learning the 4x table. The questions are in pairs, with the same answer. This can reinforce the idea that multiplication can be done in any order; so 3 x 4 is the same as 4 x 3. There is only one question where this does not apply, and that is where 16 is the answer, which of course is the square of 4, or 4 x 4 . Another answer needs to be placed in the second number sentence, such as 2 x 8.

A good test of how well children know the 4x table will be the speed at which these worksheets are answered.

Thanks to for letting me publish this resource and I can highly recommend their maths resources, which you can view on a free trial at

Missing numbers 4x table


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