KS2 Maths SAT questions 23 and 24 from 2010 Paper A

To answer question 23 you need to find the missing number to make the calculation correct.

11 x ?? = 1111

The answer is  101.
One mark for this question.

Suggested method:
To make this easy a good understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division is needed. Simply divide 1111 by 11, which is probably best done using the short division method.

It is possible that some children will recognise the pattern of dividing by 11 and immediately know this answer.

Question 24 asks for a quadrilateral to be drawn in its new position after a translation.

One mark for this question.

Slight inaccuracies in drawing are allowed (within 2 mm radius of correct points).

Suggested method:

The key to this question is the word ‘translated’. A translation is a slide in a particular direction. There is no rotation or change in the shape size.

This shape has been slid 3 squares to the right and 3 squares up.

Using this knowledge mark each of the other three points and join them with a ruler.

Questions 23 and 24 from SATs Paper A 2010

Questions 23 and 24 answers and suggested methods

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