More addition of money

I am often asked to provide more pages of addition ‘sums’ so here is another look at using the standard method of addition for money.

The first eight questions are laid out in the correct way. The next seven need to be written in the same way, with the decimal points lining up in a vertical line.

With these questions there is ‘carrying’ from both the hundredths to the tenths and from the tenths to the whole pounds.

If this page is sent as homework look for clues that the answers have been done on a calculator. All working should be shown, including the smaller ‘1’ below the answer line. Also question 10 should be answered as £10.00 rather than just £10.

There is no harm in using a calculator to check that the answers are correct, but the main purpose of pages like these is to give practice and reinforcement of the written method.

This page and other similar pages can be found in the Four Rules category, under Addition.

Standard money addition (p3)

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