KS2 Maths SAT Paper B question 6

Question 6 of the KS2 maths SAT Paper B is in two parts and it would be most sensible to use a calculator.

The first part of the question looks at the cost of 23 tickets at £2.75 each.

The answer to question 6a is  £63.25
One mark awarded for a correct answer.
Any unambiguous indication of the correct amount is acceptable, including: £63.25p, £63.25 pence or £63,25.

Suggested method:

This question is mainly a matter of deciding what process to carry out and using a calculator accurately.
Some children have very little practice with a calculator and may be tempted not to use it.
Recognising that this is a multiplication question and carefully keying in the correct amount, including the decimal point should ensure a correct answer is reached.
Remind children it is always worth carrying out a reverse operation to check that the answer is correct. In this case £63.25 divided by 23 will give £2.75.

The second part gives the total amount from ticket sales and asks how many tickets were sold.

The answer to question 6b is 28.
One mark awarded for a correct answer.

Suggested method:

Easy one mark use a calculator to divide £77 by 2.75. Perhaps the one major error that children can make is to put the numbers in the wrong way round on the calculator (2.77 ÷ 77).

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Question 6

Question 6 answers and suggested method 2011 paper B

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