Year 3 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 57 and 58

We will soon be coming to the end of our sets of mental arithmetic questions for year 3, with just three more sets after these. Today the emphasis is on addition skills as well as a little subtraction.

The questions include:

adding a single digit to a 3-digit number in the context of money: e.g. £352 plus £4

adding a 2-digit number to a 3-digit multiple of 100: e.g. £400 + £88

adding a 2-digit multiple of 10 to a 2-digit number: e.g. to add 34

subtracting a single digit from a multiple of 100: e.g. 600 subtract 4

These are all important steps in becoming confident with working with numbers ‘in your head’ and they should be practiced as often as possible.

Year 3 mental arithmetic (sets 57 and 58)

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