Counting on in steps of 10p, crossing the hundreds.

I recently published a page on counting on in steps of 10p which was quite straightforward, but this one is much trickier. This time the counting on crosses the hundreds boundary and in the case of money this also crosses the decimal point.

The first set of questions just looks at 2-digit numbers which cross the hundreds boundary;

For example: 96p + 10p = 106p.

Questions 7 to 10 are much harder as they show the money as pounds rather than pence.

For example: £6.94 + 10p = £7.04.

There is quite a lot to remember here, including putting the pence as .04.

Some children will find this difficult and may well use their fingers to count on in single digits. Others will not convert to pounds properly; often answers such as this are seen:

£6.94 + 10p = £6.104

which shows a lack of understanding of the decimal system.

Count on in 10p crossing hundreds

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