Year 3 mental arithmetic: sets 63 and 64

We continue into the second part of the summer term with our next set of year 3 mental arithmetic questions. This week’s questions are particularly suitable for reading out loud, rather than printing and looking at, as they are all short. They concentrate on times tables, doubling and division.

The questions on times tables concentrate on the two, times, five times and ten times tables which children should know ‘off by heart’ by this stage. Question 2 is trickier as it needs to make use of the 2 times table to multiply by 20. The doubling questions look at doubling multiples of 5.

Question ten uses the term multiple which children should have come across this year, probably in terms of the answers to times tables i.e. the product of two whole numbers.

All the mental arithmetic sets of questions can be found in the Year 2 Calculating category.

Year 3 mental arithmetic_(sets 63 and 64)

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