Year 3 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 67 and 68

We will be shortly be drawing to a close the weekly year 3 mental arithmetic. Meanwhile here is a set of questions concentrating on fractions. Always a tricky subject, often disliked by children and adults, they can, in fact, be quite good fun.

By the end of year 3 children should know that dividing by 2 will give half of a number; dividing by 4 will give a quarter of a number and dividing by 10 will give a tenth of a number.

One of the puzzling things about fractions can be that as a number gets bigger, the fraction gets smaller. So 1/10 of a number is a smaller amount than 1/4 or 1/6 of that number.

Something else which many children find tricky is finding the number half way between two other numbers, such as finding the number half way between 8 and a half and nine. Plenty of practice counting in halves and quarters will help with this.

Year 3 mental arithmetic: sets 67 and 68

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