Division: 3-digit numbers divided by 8

Here is another page for practising the short division method, this time just using the eight times table. The key to this method is, of course, a good knowledge of the 8 times table, as without this the solution can take an awfully long time and lots of errors may occur. The table has been written out as a helpful starting point, so that the method can be concentrated on.

For example: 8)659

‘How many eights in 65?’

‘8 times 8 is 64, 9 times 8 is 72 which is too much.’

‘8 goes into 65, 8 times with 1 left over.’

Write the 8 in the answer above the 5.

Write the remainder 1 beside the 9 units, making 19.

‘How many eights in 19?’

‘2 times 8 is 16.’

‘8 goes into 19, 2 times with 3 left over.’

Write the 2 in the answer in the units and write rem 3 next to it.

Answer: 82 remainder 3

Division: 3 digits by 8


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