Know Number Facts: Year 2

Y2 Knowing and Using Number Facts

In year 2 children are expected to be able to add and subtract numbers up to 10 in their heads as well as being able to double and halve small numbers.

A Know addition and subtraction facts

Adding numbers to 10 (pg 1)

Adding numbers to 10 (pg 2)

Adding numbers up to 10 (pg 3)

Subtracting numbers up to 10 (pg 1)

Subtracting numbers up to 10 (pg 2)

Know  pairs that make 20 (pg 1)

Know pairs that make 20 (pg 2)

B Derive doubles and halves quickly

2302-01 Doubling and halving (pg 1)

2302-02 Doubling and halving (pg 2)

2302-03 Doubles (pg 1)

2302-04 Doubles (pg 2)


C Multiplication

Multiplying by 1 and 10

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