Using and Applying maths: Year 2

Y2 Using and Applying Mathematics

Number stories are extended to multiplication and division. Children are expected to use their knowledge to solve simple puzzles.

A Solve mathematical puzzles and investigate

Addition: how many ways?

Solve puzzles and investigate (1)

Make 12

Shape and money investigation

3 dice problem

B Choose and use appropriate number operations to solve problems

2101-01 Making number stories: addition (pg 1)

2101-02 Making number stories: addition (pg 2)

2101-03 Making subtraction number stories (pg 3)

2101-04 Making subtraction number stories (pg 4)

2101-05 Making multiplication number stories (pg 1)

2101-06 Making multiplication number stories (pg 2)

2101-07 Making division number stories (pg 1)


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