Counting and Number: Year 3

Y3 Counting and Understanding Number

Counting and back in tens as well as counting in the hundreds is expected in year 3.

ARevise counting on and back

Counting by grouping into tens

Group into fives or tens

Revise counting back in tens

Revise counting back in tens (2)

Count in the hundreds in steps of 1 (pg 1)

Count in the hundreds (pg 2)

Count in the hundreds (pg 3)

Count in the hundreds (pg 4)

Counting on revision (pg 1)

Counting on revision (pg 2)

3201-10 Counting on (teens)

Counting on in 3s patterns

Half way between_(1)

Half way between_(2)

Count forward and backward in halves and quarters

Find the missing numbers (2)


B Counting in tens and hundreds

Counting in tens (pg 1) crossing the hundreds

Counting in tens crossing the hundreds boundary (2)

Count on in 10p crossing hundreds

3202-01 Counting in tens (pg 1a)

3202-02 Counting in tens (pg 2a)

3202-03 Revise counting back in tens (pg 1)

3202-04 Revise counting back in tens (pg 2)

C  More than and less than

More than less than signs

D Understanding relationships between multiplication and division, addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division corresponding (pg 1)

Understand relationships between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

E Multiples

Multiples (1)

Multiples (2)

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