5 times table worksheets

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The 5 times table is often thought of as one of the easier tables to learn and there are a couple of hints that can make it easier for children.
The first is that all the answers must end in either 5 or zero.
The second is that the five times table is half the ten times table; so if you don’t know one of the table then just multiply by ten and halve your answer.

Remember the danger is that some children are taught that they only need to count up the answers: 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. However, this is not very helpful if a child needs to know what 5 x 9 is; they do not want to have to go through the whole counting up in fives 9 times to get the answer. The whole idea of tables is that they are learnt, off by heart. To do this it is essential to say them out loud:

One times five is five
two times five is ten
three times five is fifteen
four times five is twenty
five times five is twenty five
six times five is thirty
seven times four is thirty five
eight times four is forty
nine times five is forty five
ten times five is fifty
As they are learnt saying them can be speeded up by saying “ten fives fifty” etc.
Below are two worksheets for the five times table. A good way to do these is to time them to see how long your child takes.

5x table (1)