Five times table in Year 2

5x table speedyLearning the five times table has now been placed firmly in the Year 2 Programme of Study and will prove quite a challenge for many children who find counting up to 100 hard, let alone reciting the 5 times table. To make it even more of a challenge the table now has to be learned up to 12 times 5 rather than just 10 times 5. There is a danger with this that children will learn the table ‘parrot fashion’ with little idea of what it means or how to use the knowledge.

There is, of course, a rhythm and pattern to the five times table, as alternate answers end in zero or 5. This makes it one of the easiest times tables to learn. My latest worksheet can be used as a timed practice, with three sets of 12 questions on the page.

Speedy 5x table