Resource of the week: Maths puzzles

With half term upon us and most of the serious testing and examining over for another year, now is a great time to try out some maths puzzles which lead to a better knowledge of the subject and an improvement in logical thinking.

There are some great games and puzzles on the site for all aged children and they have been organised in broad area of difficulty. The ‘easy peasy’ section is geared towards young children and the word searches are all on the themes of maths vocabuary suitable for that age group. The maths wordsnakes come into the ‘tricky’ and ‘fiendish’ categories and are a challenge even for adults. Why not try them out?

It can still rain in the summer term and these worksheets are also ideal for wet breaks and lunchtimes!

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Maths puzzle: Initial Numbers

initial numbers

It’s the last day of term and snowing quite heavily here so it looks as if there is no school at all for many children. Teachers will not be getting their pressies or having their last afternoon parties!

Oh well, here is a little puzzle for you to contemplate over the Christmas period.

Each number has some initials next to it. Just work out what the initials mean as the numbers are the clue.

For example:

7 D in a W is 7 Days in a Week

Some are these are pretty tricky and a score of 12 is good. Get them all right and you are a superstar indeed.

Answers after Christmas.

Thanks for all your comments and fun this year.

Maths Puzzle: initial numbers