Posted by Peter on 20th June 2007

Maths worksheets: Adding two 2-digit numbers. Y3

Two worksheets to help children with addition of two 2-digit numbers. Once knowledge of addition of single digits is secure this can be applied to 2-digit numbers, starting with adding teens.

Much can be done orally, aiming at increasing speed of recall as well as developing strategies. For example; most of us add the tens first when adding in our heads – the opposite of what is done when using written methods. I will come back to this again, but for now it is well worthwhile asking your child HOW they went about getting an answer. Don’t rush on to large numbers too quickly, it is more important to gain confidence and have a secire basic knowledge.

3401-01 Adding two 2-digit numbers (pg 1)

3402-02 Adding two 2-digit numbers (pg 2)

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