Maths worksheets: Addition of 2-digit and 1-digit numbers. Y2

Addition 2-digits and 1-digit (pg 1)

In year 2 children will continue to develop their understanding of addition, beginning to work with larger numbers, but keep them below 100. Indeed, quite a lot of children will not be ready for dealing with 2-digit numbers. Don’t introduce larger numbers until they are really confident with single digit addition.

Continue to emphasise the vocabulary: more, add, sum, total, altogether, equals and the equals sign (=).

The idea that adding zero to a number leaves it the same can be a difficult concept to understand and zero should be included when asking oral addition questions.

2401-01 addition 2-digits and 1-digit (pg1)

2401-02 addition 2-digits and 1-digit (pg 2)

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