Posted by Peter on 5th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Identifying 3D shapes. Y4

shape1Those tricky 3D shape names! By year 4 children should be familiar with a number of 3D shapes, including,

cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, hemisphere, cylinder, cone, prism, tetrahedron and polyhedron.

You can look up these words using an online dictionary such as the MathSphere dictionary or Kids Dictionary for Maths.

Most of this kind of shape recognition work should still be done orally. Children need to discuss these ideas over and over again before they become established in their minds. keep practising the language at every opportunity and look out for shapes in real life. (eg the human body can be thought of as a sphere for the head, four cylinders for the arms and legs, or eight allowing for the joints, and a larger cylinder for the torso. Houses are often cuboid with triangular prisms for roofs. I am sure you can find many more examples!

4501-01 Identify 3D shapes

4501-02 Identify 3D shapes

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