Posted by Peter on 6th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Classify shapes. Y5

shape1Congruent is a word to conjure with! In fact it has a very simple meaning. If two shapes are congruent then they are identical in every way, including size. Simple eh! Unfortunately people who design maths tests papers make this as difficult as possible as children are expected to be able to spot congruent shapes even when one of a pair has been turned. By far the easiest way to spot two congruent shapes is to cut one out, or trace it and see if it fits exactly over the other – if it does it is congruent.

The second worksheet here deals with another term – scalene. Quite simply, a scalene triangle is one which has no sides the same length and no equal angles.

5501-01 Congruent shapes

5501-02 Scalene triangles

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