Posted by Peter on 11th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Subtract from teens. Y3

CountingBy year 3 children are expected to have progressed to working with numbers in the teens and be able to answer by working out in their heads a single digit from a teen. Very often subtraction can be done by adding on from the smaller number to the larger number and this is the case with a question such as 14 – 8. However, where the Primary Framework is challenging is that it is suggesting that not only should children be able to work these out quickly, they should also KNOW them. This will only happen with masses of practice and repetition. It will not be achieved by just doing a couple of pages and most teachers will be doing a quick mental arithmetic session every day.

3301-01 Subtract from teens (pg 1)

3301-02 Subtract from teens (pg 2)

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