Bear and Penguin’s Big Maths Adventure: software review

Bear and penguinBear & Penguin’s Big Maths Adventure

White Bear and Little Penguin lead children across the ice to tackle maths games including counting problems and simple sums. Aimed at younger children, aged 5 to 7 it concentrates on early addition and subtraction. The games are entertaining and suit the age range, with three levels for each activity. It is recommended that the games are played in order as they are progressive, although the tasks do not get too hard – sticking to addition and subtraction to 20. Lots of rewards and incentives plus a timed Super game to play when the other games have been completed.

One of a series of Bear and Penguin CDs, published by Dorling Kindersley who have a good record for producing educational software, it is typical of their software and includes the usual extras, such as a printing section where birthday cards etc can be made.

There is a good parental guide which includes some follow up worksheets.

Graphics are good and it is easy to play.

In conclusion, good all round, but it is a little limited in scope. If you are looking for a straightforward enjoyable CD where children can practice their addition and subtraction then this will do nicely. First published in 2000 I have graded it on value for money on prices available at Amazon etc under £10.00.

7 out of 10
Maths content
6 out of 10
Value for money
7 out of 10

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