Posted by Peter on 12th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Rapid addition and subtraction. Y4

CountingHere’s some practice for your children at adding and subtracting multiples of ten. Essentially, they are using their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to work out harder questions. Knowing that 13 – 7 is 6 makes it easy to work out 130 – 70 = 60, but only if you understand place value! This is good revision for Year 4, and they are fairly straightforward as they do not cross the thousands boundary. If difficulties are found with these then it would be well worth going back to looking at addition and subtraction of single digits. Also, make sure your child can read the numbers correctly. A blank number line could also be very useful.

4301-01 Rapid addition and subtraction (pg 1)

4301-02 Rapid addition and subtraction (pg 2)

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