Posted by Peter on 1st August 2007

News: From Years to Y.

I have had a number of emails concerning the listings of the site in Years. Many parents are very aware that their children are a little behind with their maths compared to their age group, but are very reluctant to do work considered suitable for younger children. Because of this and because the year groups only really apply to English schools I revised the titles of categories and worksheets to Stages rather than Years. ThisĀ  seemed to be not very popular so I have reverted back to just showing Y on titles etc. Y1 is for 5/6 years old, Y2 is for 6/7 years old, Y3 is for 7/8 years old, Y4is for 8/9 years old, Y5 is for 9/10 years old and Y6 is for 10/11 years old. The worksheets are challenging and a good many children will not be able to cope with the suggested level. It is highly recommended to always start from something that your child has success with, even if it means moving down two or three years.

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