Posted by Peter on 6th August 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Counting in twos.

know2Two maths worksheets which look at counting on and back in twos. When doing this keep to small numbers until children are really confident moving up and down a number line in twos. Don’t forget you can create your own number lines on a path, driveway etc and jumping up and down in twos can be more exciting than just jumping in ones! Start at different numbers and talk about what is happening eg counting down – with odd numbers you will always end on one, whilst with even numbers you will end on zero. It is also easy to make your own number tracks on paper – with a little imagination move a train along a track or a pirate’s prisoner along the plank! Once again, it can’t be emphasised enough how important it is to play simple board games with your children where they are moving counters along a number track.

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Counting in twos (pg 1)

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Counting in twos (pg 2)

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