Teaching Tables: software review

Teaching Tables: software review

Teaching TablesTeaching Tables by Primary Games Ltd
Tables, tables, tables, the nightmare for so many parents whose children just don’t seem to ‘get’ them. Founded by Mark Cogan, an ex teacher, this is one of a collection of CDs or downloads aimed mainly for schools but could be very useful for home use. It contains both games to play and worksheets to print, all aimed at improving knowledge of tables. There are 5 games:

Bingo Machine
This is a computerised version of a popular game often used in schools. At home you would need at least two players but more would be better. Here a selection of Bingo cards are provided and the bingo machine displays a multiplication question (eg 4 x 5). If the answer is on the card cross it off and the first person to cross off all their numbers is the winner! The time taken for the question to be displayed can be changed to make the game harder/easier.

Table Mountain
With this game you select the table you wish to practice. Each correct answer moves a mountaineer further towards the peak. Reach the top a certificate can be printed out. A wrong answer sends you sliding down the mountain. Two player version and challenges are also available.

Time Table
Pretty straightforward – one minute to answer 20 questions. When completed you can see the time and view or print a report – I got perfect for my 20 out of 20!

Multiplying Monkeys
Cheeky monkeys help explain the meaning of multiplying two numbers together – showing multiplication as an array.

More useful than it might at first appear. Multiplication grids and number squares where the numbers can be highlighted in colour. Good for showing patterns in tables. Would have liked it better if you could add a second colour to show that a number has more than one multiple eg 12 could be coloured green for being in 3 times table and blue for being in 4 times table..

Worksheet generators:
Eggs on legs
Tables questions where the missing numbers are filled in inside eggs. Numbers can be changed at the press of a button and printed!

Similar activities are: Scrambled Eggs, Hippo, Speed Tables, Multiplication Grids, Snail Trail.
These are all good maths activities and are presented in a very clear way.

Overall well presented, with good maths content. Lacking in some of the sophistication of the big publishers but the games are simple and enjoyable. You can have a look yourself as they have an extensive range of evaluation materials at the site.
They also have a lot of other educational software at www.primarygames.co.uk.

Single user download for £11.75. If you prefer the CD it is £23.50.

6 out of 10Interest

7 out of 10Maths content

7 out of 10Value for money

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