Posted by Peter on 7th September 2007

Free Y6 maths worksheet: 2-D shape

shape 2This worksheet looks easier than it really is. To answer the questions correctly children need a really good understanding of the properties of 2-D shapes, including the diagonals. Kite, parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium are all shown. They should also be familiar with the term adjacent. If they can do this page then they are doing really well!

Free Y6 maths worksheet: 2-D shape

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  1. Peter Rafferty says:

    A fantastic website. Great ideas. It has got a mention on our school website at

  2. Peter Rafferty says:

    ………….it’s in the Y1 blog.

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Peter
    Thanks very much for the comments and link. I hope to develop the site much further over the next few months. I had a quick look at your school site and was very impressed. Keep up the good work!

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