Posted by Peter on 25th September 2007

Free Y2 maths worksheets: Comparing and measuring lines

measure imageThe ruler, with whole centimetres on, is introduced in Year 2. It is possible, but not easy, to get rulers with just cm on. You will probably have to make do with a ruler with both cm and mm on. These two worksheets look at short, straight lines and ask for a comparison: which is longest? Your children can measure these lines with a ruler but before they do so always ask them to have a guess (or estimate) about how long they think they are in centimetres. This is a habit which they should get into early and always keep!
When printing these free maths worksheets, make sure that you do not have the option ‘fit to page’ or similar page scaling options on, as this could affect the length of the lines when printing. All the free maths worksheets have been produced as A4 pages.

Free Y2 maths worksheet: Comparing and measuring lines (pg 1)

Free Y2 maths worksheet: Comparing and measuring lines (pg 2)

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