Posted by Peter on 8th October 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Counting dots

counting imageSome simple counting here, but also practice with writing numbers down. Counting is easy when there are just a few, but when counting more than 7 or 8 it is easy to forget which ones you have counted, especially if they are randomly placed. Even harder if you are a five year old and not quite sure what comes after 7!

With dice the dots are always arranged in a set format which after a while we come to recognise eg the arrangement of a 5 on a dice is instantly recognised without counting. Don’t forget to get the snakes and ladders out and play all those other counting cames – including my counting games: goats, cows, fish etc on the site.

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Counting dots (pg 1)

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Counting dots (pg 2)

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