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Posted by Peter on 30th November 2007

Free Y5 maths worksheets: Revise understanding subtraction

Subtraction is non-commutative.
When a larger number is subtracted from a smaller number, the answer is negative.

Posted by Peter on 29th November 2007

Free Y4 maths worksheets: Understand subtraction

By year 4 expectations are rising as children’s understanding and knowledge increases. The Primary Framework for Mathematics suggests that children should be able to read, write and understand the following words: Take away subtract how many are left? how much less? difference between, how much more? how many more to make? decrease, inverse and the […]

Posted by Peter on 28th November 2007

News: Reading performance slumps!

News: Reading performance slumps!

Posted by Peter on 28th November 2007

Free Y3 maths worksheets: Understand subtraction

The work on subtraction facts in year 3 is very similar to that in year 2. Constant practice and re-inforcement is necessary if children are going to become quick in their responses – the numbers do not necessarily have to be larger, but a more rapid answer should be expected. A similar list of words […]

Posted by Peter on 27th November 2007

Free Y2 maths worksheets: Take whole tens

a number line is really useful for helping children gain confidence with subtraction.

Posted by Peter on 26th November 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Understand subtraction

take away, subtract, how many are left, less than, what is the difference between, more than.

Posted by Peter on 24th November 2007

Free Y6 maths worksheets: Multi-step operations

Just one maths worksheet with just 8 questions, but be warned this might prove to be tricky for most 10 or 11 years old children. At least two operations are needed to find the answer, and as I have said before this causes most children a fair amount or difficulty. This is where logical thinking […]

Posted by Peter on 23rd November 2007

Free Y5 maths worksheets: Choose the operation and method

Very similar to the year 4 worksheets on the same subject, this re-inforces and emphasises the importance of being able to explain the methods used to reach an answer. In the ‘Operation’ box the child should put whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide. The ‘Method’ refers to whether it was done mentally, with paper […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd November 2007

Free Y4 maths worksheets: Choose the operation and method

Which operation is involved in word problems
Whether calculations should be done mentally or with pen and paper.
How to explain and record the operations used in solving the problem.

Posted by Peter on 21st November 2007

Maths game: Counting mice (counting up to 5)

The mice are escaping with the cheese? How many can you see? The final maths game (for the moment) in our series of counting up to 5. (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)