Posted by Peter on 22nd January 2008

Free Y5 maths worksheet: Investigate subtraction

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Counting in twos (pg 1)Here is a nifty way to carry out some subtraction sums in an original format. Use the shape on the free maths worksheet to make the subtraction sums by linking one number to another via the subtraction sign in the middle.

For example, start with the largest number, which is 150 (on the bottom left).

From the 150 go to the subtraction sign and then on to one of the other numbers eg 70.

The question, therefore is 150 – 70 which is 80.

Write down 150 – 80 = 70.

As well as being a good exercise in subtracting whole tens quickly it is also a logical problem; can you find all the possible questions involving positive answers?

Obviously starting with 150 will give 7 questions,; the next highest number (120) will give 6 questions and so on.

Look for systematic lists of sums rather than a haphazard approach.

Free Y5 maths worksheet: Investigate subtraction (pg 1)

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