Posted by Peter on 10th September 2008

Free Y4 maths worksheet: revise addition

Free maths worksheet from

Y4 addition

Y4 addition

It has been a while since I posted anything for year 4 so here is a maths worksheet on addition. It is good revision of the terms: ‘What is the sum of…’, ‘What is the total of…’, ‘How many altogether?’ and ‘increase….by…’.
These terms should all be familiar to children in year 4 and they should be able to carry them out in their heads.
When adding three numbers in your head it is a good idea to start by adding all three tens and then adding on the units eg
25 + 36+ 51.

Add the 20, 30 and 50 to make 100.
Then add 5 to make 105, then 6 to make 111 and finally 1 to make 102.
Note this is by all means not the only way to do it!

More addition in your head (pg 3)

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