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Posted by Peter on 16th September 2008

Free Y5 Maths worksheet: metric problems

Free maths worksheet from This is another maths worksheet for year 5 on standard units of measurement and will show clearly whether the metric system is understood. The questions ask for fractions of metric units eg half of a kilometre or one tenth of a kilogram. Because it is a metric system finding one […]

Posted by Peter on 12th September 2008

Free Y4 maths worksheet: counting more than/lessthan

Free maths worksheets from Counting in tens might seem easy, especially by year 4. However, there are many children who do find difficulties, especially when crossing the hundreds and thousands boundaries. One such difficulty might show itself if asked to write down ten more than 1097, which is 1107 or ten more than 2896 […]

Posted by Peter on 11th September 2008

Free cookbook for children

News from Free cookbook for children One of the best ways of improving children’s knowledge of the metric system is by using practical activities. Cooking is an excellent way of getting to grips with grams, ml etc. So it was good today to see the government encouraging young children to learn to cook by […]

Posted by Peter on 10th September 2008

Cern, Higgs Boson success start

Well the end of the earth has not happened. Scientists at Cern have successfully fired two protons round the Large Hadron Collider this morning. Probably the most famous and expensive experiment ever set up it deserves our encouragement and enthusiasm. Plenty of maths and physics on show!! I’m not going into detail here about the […]

Posted by Peter on 10th September 2008

Free Y4 maths worksheet: revise addition

Free maths worksheet from It has been a while since I posted anything for year 4 so here is a maths worksheet on addition. It is good revision of the terms: ‘What is the sum of…’, ‘What is the total of…’, ‘How many altogether?’ and ‘increase….by…’. These terms should all be familiar to children […]

Posted by Peter on 9th September 2008

Free Y3 maths Worksheet: Make 1000

Free maths worksheet from 1000 is a very large number for children working in Year 3 and one which is difficult to imagine the size of. The sheet asks how many different ways can two numbers be added to make 1000, using only whole hundreds.To be able to do this children need to be […]

Posted by Peter on 8th September 2008

Free Y2 maths worksheet: Count back

Free Y2 maths worksheet from Many children find it harder to count back than count on. This is quite a simple page as it does not involve counting back through a whole ten. Sometimes children will count back using their fingers. Hopefully as confidence grows they will be able to see some answers straight […]

Posted by Peter on 7th September 2008

Balls to end SATs?

News from Balls to end SATs? For the first time Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, has hinted that there might to be an end to SAT tests as we know them for our 11 year olds. On the telly today he told Andrew Marr, “The current system is not set in stone. We are […]

Posted by Peter on 5th September 2008

Free maths worksheet: adding 1 and 2 to a single digit

Free maths worksheets from Just a quick tidy up from a couple of worksheets sent up last term, involving adding one and two to single digit numbers.Could be useful for those really lacking in confidence with their early numberwork. adding 1 to a single digit adding 2 to a single digit

Posted by Peter on 4th September 2008

Free maths worksheet: year 1 investigating numbers

Free maths worksheet: year 1 investigating numbers